25 Days Later

Almost like the film 28 Days Later minus zombie-like, enraged infected people. 25 days after my homecoming has been characterized by challenges, but returning from Italy has been nothing like other life transitions I've endured so far.
I'm not sure what I expected, though history is not in my favor. Two summers ago saw me sobbing on the plane next to a very uncomfortable woman, and walking around at my job like the living dead until I finally moved into my first college dorm room.
Here I am, back from Italy and probably the most important life experience so far, and I'm completely fine. I miss it, but like I missed my family while I was gone. I knew I'd see them soon.
I could tell you every detail since I've gotten back, but who wants to read that much? I will say that the Blue Ridge Mountains rival any Renaissance Cathedral, and, best of all, I feel as though they're mine. I can't wait to drive up to Shenandoah and disappear for a few hours among the trees - it's a nice change from disappearing among centuries-old stone and crowds of tourists.
I'm home, but I'm not going anywhere. Keep checking back here.

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