Already?! I know, but there were some things I had to draw attention to.

1.These shoes are just delicious. I want them. If only the company wasn't based all the way across the pond. Via Irregular Choice.
2.I have these in Nude/Red, but that might have been a bad choice after seeing these. While I was in Florence Emilio Cavallini was on my walk to class -- it was hard to ignore the rows of boldly-printed, bright-colored legs, but who'd want to?

That's all for right now. I'm posting tomorrow about an upcoming project that I hope will be finished by the end of this month. Lots of goodies to come.




Thus begins a new portion of my blogging repertoire. I'm just lusting after too many things these days to keep it all pent up inside -- instead I'm releasing it to the masses on the internet (maybe Twitter?).

Now for the lust list:
1.I love this t-shirt. When my sister and I were in Quebec City our sole mission was to find a t-shirt with French print, but all we found were shirts with "Cape Cod" tauntingly scrawled across the fronts. Five years later I stumble across a hot pink shirt with the phrase "I'm too sexy for this shirt" translated in French in block letters. Destiny? (via alexandchloe.com)
2.Brian Lichtenberg racerback tanktop. Probably just want it because it looks more than just a little like Chanel. (via karmaloop.com)
So worth all that money. I've been lusting after this for a while -- it might be the image of this stereo from Urban Outfitters perched on my shoulder while walking to class.
4.I've been on the fence about peep toe shoes; they've always seemed a bit awkward to me. After trying some on, however, I might be rethinking my stance. Especially after seeing this Valentino pumps. Seeing as they're on sale for $465 (original price $775), I'm not sure I'll ever get to experiment with this particular pair of shoes. ::sigh:: (via valentino.com)

More lusting to come.


Overloaded and Overwhelmed

I've only seriously been paying attention to the blogging world for less than 24 hours after my summer sabbatical, and I'm on sensory overload (or maybe my eyes are watering from playing too much Guitar Hero).
I also hopped on the Twitter bandwagon just to see what it's all about. Not sure if it's a mistake or not -- really just not sure what it is to begin with. Am I supposed to update it every time I do something newsworthy? Isn't this like my Facebook status? Should I Twitter about how I'm confused about Twitter? Maybe I'll direct message Lady Gaga about that later.

Here are my favorite links so far:
1. As I'm interested in all things fashion these days, Nubby Twiglet's Blog as well as BetseyJ's are some damn good reading material. They have plenty of great links to all things fashion; expensive, inexpensive, and just educational. Information on the both of them can be found on their sites.
2. Unfortunately, exploring fashion blog feeds my online shopping problem. I'm powerless to stop it. Girlprops.com has inexpensive, crazy jewelry for the cost-conscious while Alex & Chloe provide a little bit of the opposite, though not quite Cartier level.
and finally...
3. A fun video from CollegeHumor.com.

Since I'm so out of the loop you'll have to forgive me if all of these links are old news -- I'm trying.


I am ashamed;

I've been terribly absent. We'll just look at that as my vacation. Once I stop posting for a week or more it gets harder and harder to do it again. That "posted 5 weeks ago" is just staring me in the face.
I find that once I put goals online I'm more driven to follow them, so here goes:
-- Keep posting regularly
-- Finish my two photography projects that I didn't do in Italy
-- Keep shopping at Goodwill/making my own clothes
-- Continue reading as much as I have been (Left Hand of Darkness I will finish you!)

Okay, hold me to those. Moral of the story: I'm back yet again. I needed about a month vacation from thinking about my life critically and now you find me vastly unaware of politics, still incredibly poor, not very driven, but infused with happiness. Excellent.

Here are a few photos of my summer thus far:

Hope yours is as good as mine.