Ladybugs and Puzzle Pieces

Everyone always says (yes, everyone and always) that you'll find something when you least expect it. In fact, I remember an anecdote from a movie about a little girl who would spend hours looking for ladybugs when one day she fell asleep, woke up, and they were crawling all over her. Oh, wow, how insightful movie, I wonder what commentary you're trying to make about life.
Or, when I was a little girl, well, maybe just a few years ago, I'd be working on a puzzle and furiously searching for a specific piece. Sure enough, when I gave up all hope of finding that piece and moved onto another one, I'd find the stupid piece I was looking for before. I might still have anger issues from that very situation.
So this is my formal complaint to Life as some sort of entity that might listen to my thoughts. What's up with this business of leading people on wild goose chases only to reward them with the chases' objects just when we've given up all hope? There we are, with bruised and battered egos, demoralized completely, then you hand us a "Get Out of Jail Free" card just to mess with our heads. Unfair? Completely.
I've pretty much decided that I'm not going to listen to anything that ends with the words "when you least expect it." Besides, maybe Life will be fooled if I pretend to give up hope just to get what I've been wanting. Outsmarting Life not a good way to spend my days? Well, it's summer; I'm not exactly pressed for time.

Dan Auerbach knows what's up.

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