I am ashamed;

I've been terribly absent. We'll just look at that as my vacation. Once I stop posting for a week or more it gets harder and harder to do it again. That "posted 5 weeks ago" is just staring me in the face.
I find that once I put goals online I'm more driven to follow them, so here goes:
-- Keep posting regularly
-- Finish my two photography projects that I didn't do in Italy
-- Keep shopping at Goodwill/making my own clothes
-- Continue reading as much as I have been (Left Hand of Darkness I will finish you!)

Okay, hold me to those. Moral of the story: I'm back yet again. I needed about a month vacation from thinking about my life critically and now you find me vastly unaware of politics, still incredibly poor, not very driven, but infused with happiness. Excellent.

Here are a few photos of my summer thus far:

Hope yours is as good as mine.