Thus begins a new portion of my blogging repertoire. I'm just lusting after too many things these days to keep it all pent up inside -- instead I'm releasing it to the masses on the internet (maybe Twitter?).

Now for the lust list:
1.I love this t-shirt. When my sister and I were in Quebec City our sole mission was to find a t-shirt with French print, but all we found were shirts with "Cape Cod" tauntingly scrawled across the fronts. Five years later I stumble across a hot pink shirt with the phrase "I'm too sexy for this shirt" translated in French in block letters. Destiny? (via alexandchloe.com)
2.Brian Lichtenberg racerback tanktop. Probably just want it because it looks more than just a little like Chanel. (via karmaloop.com)
So worth all that money. I've been lusting after this for a while -- it might be the image of this stereo from Urban Outfitters perched on my shoulder while walking to class.
4.I've been on the fence about peep toe shoes; they've always seemed a bit awkward to me. After trying some on, however, I might be rethinking my stance. Especially after seeing this Valentino pumps. Seeing as they're on sale for $465 (original price $775), I'm not sure I'll ever get to experiment with this particular pair of shoes. ::sigh:: (via valentino.com)

More lusting to come.

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