It's time...

for something new. I want to release my thoughts in to the great beyond of cyberspace once more. When I came back from Italy the first time, there was nothing to write about. Charlottesville, Virginia, while beautiful, isn't terribly interesting. It's home. I don't come across situations that challenge me every day.

But am I just going to stop writing? Moral of the story is, I miss writing -- however out-of-practice I may be. This time, it's going to be something different. I'm not going to write about things I encounter during my day, or it won't be the centerpiece. I want to have a purpose and since I'm not sure if anyone reads this thing, especially since I haven't posted in a millennium, I have to write for myself.

So I'm going to do a little remodeling, then it'll all begin again.

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beth said...

I read it. I just went through a similar revelation.

love you.