Disclaimer and Business Matters

As Horacio (I miss you!) pointed out, my Funny Quote of the Day is, perhaps, not so funny for some people who read this blog (there are oh, so many of you). I posted it, not because I necessarily agree with it (even though...I kind of do), but because of the irony. Oh, what a true UVa student I am, discussing irony on my blog while abroad in Florence. Hey, at least I don't pop my collar.
Business Matters
1. How do you like the new format? Black background gives it a little more edge don't you think? How about the picture?
2. That being said, please comment! If you have a spare moment I really like hearing from all of you, even if it's someone telling me that William & Mary is better than UVa, seriously, everything brings a smile to my face.
3. I added on a Follower "gadget," so if you read this often enough, please become a Follower. I'm not really sure what the perks will be yet. Depending on how many Followers, each one could receive a scarf from Florence, and if there are more, perhaps a piece of biscotti! Maybe I could set up a password protected part of the blog for Followers - I just realized how cult-ish this is sounding, but I'm semi-comfortable with it.

Okay, comment away!
Sending my love.


Horacio Carreno said...

Well, you're wonderful. Def have an amazing weekend.

John said...

I can't eat Biscotti
wheat hates my body

-Marcus Haddon