Sustainable Lifestyle?

Lately Bethie and I have been discussing the ever so cumbersome idea of a sustainable lifestyle. We've been wondering if the lives we're leading over here can be transported overseas and remain relatively intact (even if baggage claim loses them for a few days).
There are a few red flags that signify, to me at least, that we're fighting a losing battle.
#1 We're in Florence, Italy. While the following reasons might not be in any particular order, this one deserves to be at the top. Renaissance art masterpieces reside about 10 minutes from my apartment, on the walk to school I pass Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuitton, Fendi...what?!
#2 Our most commonly devoured snack is caviar, italian flat bread, and brie cheese. When I get back to the States either caviar will be too expensive to buy on a daily basis, or I'll lose the desire to eat it when my roommates constantly ridicule me - whichever comes first.
#3 Our homework consists of walking around Florence taking pictures for our photography projects due on Tuesday. So drab, so boring. I miss reading an endless amount of pages in thick course packets. Oh, have I mentioned we don't have class on Fridays?
#4 We live relatively near Rome, Pisa, Lucca, Genova, Malta, Switzerland, Greece and all its islands. Where should we go this weekend?
Honestly, you're probably really frustrated with me for writing this post. It sounds like I'm bragging about how awesome my life is. But there are things about this lifestyle I will not miss when I get back to the states. Things such as: not having a drier in my apartment, never being able to wear sweatpants in public, not having breakfast foods or chai for that matter, not having a Mom within 40 miles, the Italian medical system, sketchy men named Leonardo and Mario, and again, the bathroom at Crisco. I really can't tell you how horrendous that room was. I almost gave up government secrets.
Anyway, point is, awesome lifestyle, but I still miss home tremendously. I'm going hunting for good blog post material tomorrow. Until then...

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CS said...

what about a sister 2 hours away? :-(