So Much to Write...

that I need to make an Outline before beginning (and possibly split this blog post into multiple posts)

I. Concrete Events
a. Inauguration Day!
b. Beatles Cover Band (Tuesday)
c. Wednesday Night (Colin, Aussies, hilarity ensues)
d. Last night (finally met real Italian people, more hilarity)
II. Ideas
a. "Culture Shock"
b. Colin again...oh, Colin.
c. Photography Class

I a. Let's begin with a photo.
If that doesn't explain how the night went, I really don't know if I'll be able to do it justice. I originally wanted to watch the Inauguration with Italians but I think I overestimated their level of interest in our politics. I'm glad I watched it with my classmates, though. We were all packed into this American bar called The Red Garter watching a big screen, and the atmosphere was so charged with excitement and happiness that I don't think any of us could stop smiling. Everyone was clapping and cheering, drinking pints, making new friends...it really was inspiring.
b. Then afterwards, while my friend Calen and I were talking about how excited we were, how life felt a bit different after the Inauguration, we decided to go to see...a Beatles cover band. In Italy. It was such a good experience. Calen and I couldn't stop smiling, singing the songs...especially after the Inauguration, we were probably two of the happiest people on the planet. The band played songs like All My Loving, Nowhere Man, Ticket to Ride, Hard Day's Night, If I Fell...they even had the suits.

I'm pretty sure that wraps it up for now...I'll be posting more often hopefully. The problem is, I keep wanting to write, then more things happen to the point where it seems incredibly daunting to write it ALL down. If I break it up like this, though, it doesn't seem too bad. I hope you enjoyed - stay tuned for the rest.

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