Here's a list of boss things in my life:
- Adding "boss" to my vocabulary after Dad's been telling me that I should since I first began speaking.
- Today's picture that I took of Bethie on the train to Pisa.
- Midterms being over tomorrow
- Moving on
- This lovely Good Earth Vanilla Chai tea that I'm drinking (with a splash of Bailey's)
- Beth
- Getting packages in the mail
- Having people in different countries that I can call if I want to travel in said country

The past couple of days have just been wonderful. They haven't been perfect by any means, but with all of their imperfections included, I've been incandescently happy. When Beth had today's picture as her profile picture on Facebook, a couple people commented and said she looked emo or angry. While I can see that, this picture exemplifies my mood right now. To me, she just looks boss.
I know I keep saying it, but it's been my mantra lately. To me, it expresses a certain level of detachment without being completely unaffected. I can enjoy the moment, enjoy the people I'm talking to, but afterwards, I just keep cruisin' with my fake Ray Bans on, looking out of the window as I approach my next life experience.
Traveling has definitely given me a new life perspective. Sometimes you arrive at your destination and it's not what you expected it to be. Maybe it's not as quaint, or not as delightfully chaotic as you imagined. Perhaps you arrive unsure of where to go next, where to stay the night. What if, upon arrival, you discover you can't return home as expected - you've run out of money, the flight was canceled, or the city whispers a invitation to stay for a while. Improvisational skills are a must in travel, and in life as well. Planning only takes us so far. At some point I think we need to rely on that barely perceptible rhythm/current of life. If we can manage to have enough faith to let it take us where it wishes, we've got an interesting journey ahead. And hey, not knowing what happens next and being okay with the uncertainty, well, that feeling's pretty boss.

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The Inner Marker said...

Boss babe! You define it!