Picture of the Day

This is a picture I took on a rainy day near Palazzo Strozzi; the puddle reflects a Louis Vuitton window. I really like the picture for its colors - the reds and greens amongst the grayish brown stone, it's quite nice.
For some reason I've been pretty blank lately. I suppose I'm still working off massive amounts of sleep deprivation, but some of the best writers probably slept rarely while they were working. What's wrong with me?
I suppose I'm worried. What more can I tell you? Well, I'll answer that - I still have to inform you about Scotland, and my trip there, which was pretty illuminating as I mentioned before. I'll do that when the pictures correspond to the subject matter, which they will.
I wanted to start of Picture of the Day week with this one though because it's pretty representative of life in general, or at least I think so. We go about our monotonous routines, then there are riots of color at random times, random places in our lives. I suppose I'm living in that puddle right now - swimming in it's vivacity, randomness, beauty, and impermanence.
This is also encouraging for those who don't feel as though their lives are what they want them to be. If you feel as though you're stuck on those cold, hard, drab stones, you do have that lovely puddle to fall into, and I promise it's coming.

Love from Italia

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