Obviously I can't lay claim to this picture - this is another one of Beth's. I like seeing how I look to other people, it's always handy to have a different perspective. Sometimes an outsider's view is helpful, refreshing, and comforting. Sometimes others have the ability to know us better than we know ourselves, while other times only we can know our actions, our feelings, our hopes.
Not everything is in black and white. Do you know what I'm looking at and why? What led me to that place? What did I do to get there? The answers are probably as blurred as the background - you can make them out, but they aren't completely clear. Even though life is subjective - we feel, we love, we lose...I wish we had more perspective sometimes. I wish we could photograph points in our lives, stand back, evaluate them, and see them for what they really are. I think that if we could do that, our outlook on life experiences might be more accurate, calculated, and serene.
Any number of things could have been running through my head at that moment, I honestly don't remember what I was thinking exactly. I asked Beth the other day what her facial expression would be if she could choose one that exemplified her personality. When she asked me the same question, I said I'd have a loving look. We've all hurt people, but since when have pain and love been strangers? I love people, and since not enough people get to experience that in life I'm comfortable with providing and radiating that love- that's my perspective.

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Susie said...

Nicely said Rachel, nicely said. I love you very much.