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This is a picture from a church in Inverness, Scotland. While Bethie and I didn't do anything remarkably touristy while we were there we did feel good about taking pictures at this place randomly. We're so productive!
At good ol' UVa whenever I'm feeling down I always go to the Chapel. It's so quiet, and I find the quiet transfers mentally while I'm sitting there as well. Upon coming to Florence I realized I'd miss the Chapel and it's calming effect during my chaotic, confused, sad days. I overlooked the fact that I can visit any number of Chapel-like churches in Florence when I'm having a less-than-wonderful day. I put my revelation into action today.
I started off studying in my favorite caffe, the place where I walk into and the exchange goes something like this.
"Ciao Rachel, come stai?"
"Tutto bene, grazie, e tu?"
"Bene. Cosa vuoi oggi?"
"Lo sai, Igor."
"Si, si, un cappuccino."
English translation:
"Hey Rachel, how are you?"
"Great, thanks, and you?"
"Good. What do you want today?"
"You know what I want, Igor."
"Yup, a cappuccino."
It's pretty comforting to be able to walk in, Western saloon style, be able to say, "the usual," and not have them look at me quizzically.
After reading for a while I decided to go to the Uffizi where I encountered my new favorite statue man. "Statue man" refers to a person who stands outside the Uffizi and pretends to be a statue so that he might walk a way a few Euros richer at the end of the day - it works. They usually don't move until they hear the sweet jingle of tossed change, but this man, painted gold and holding a golden rose, blows me a kiss every time I walk by. Today, I returned the favor, and he caught it with a smile on his already shining face.
The rest of the day continued with Chapel-like experiences. I stopped inside Santa Marie del Fiore, lit a candle for Nana, then a couple of other churches whose names I don't know - I'll find out. I also finally gave money to the gypsy man who plays guitar with his dog sitting faithfully next to him, how could I resist?
Finally, I visited Romeo, my lovely lion that sits next to Palazzo Vecchio, and held hands with him for a bit. Also made friends with a couple of horses in the square much to their drivers dismay. All and all, I think I had a pretty quiet, lovely day. I like that I've found the near equivalents to the UVa Chapel. Something about the glass inside a cathedral, the space inside, the message, the quiet...all of it equals a good dose of the gentle realization that everything will be fine despite appearances, which is good medicine for a rough couple of days.

Love to you all.

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CS said...

You always ask for feedback and requests... I love your pensive thoughts and I love your poetry... but most of all I love just hearing about your days. Makes me feel closer to you somehow, like I just was too busy today to hang out with you but tomorrow we'll figure out a time to meet up.

I'm glad you've found some happy places since I can't be there to give you hugs. I love you!