I'm in Scotland and I only have a limited amount of time until my internet is up at my hostel. I think I really only have time for random thoughts, things I can blog about later - just think of it as an appetizer, an antipasti, whatever.

1. I had lunch at McDonald's yesterday in the train station and it made me incandescently happy. God Bless America.
2. We get to Scotland last night and the only food we can find, all other places were closed, was Italian food. Amo l'Italia.
3. It's interesting waking up in the same room with people you don't know. Interesting having the first encounter be while you're rubbing your eyes and your hair's all mussed from sleeping.
4. I'm thoroughly amused by my life right now.
5. I apologize if my spelling isn't up to par, thank goodness for Macs with spellcheck.
6. I had a Guiness last night and it wasn't all I had hoped it to be.
9 minutes...
7. This may be the most horrible blog post I've ever written but I'm okay with it. That being said, I should probably stop while I'm ahead. I really miss you all, I just wanted to let you know that I'm alive and well, and will hopefully have my favorite variety of Salt & Vinegar chips in my belly quite soon. Love you!

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