Incandescent Happiness

I've always loved the word "incandescent" or "incandescently." An Italian friend told me a couple of days ago that his three favorite English words were: dank, awesome, and schedule. Obviously he's never heard "incandescent" before.
I posted this song a few days ago when on the "Peace! Love! Ecstasy!" post, but I'm not sure if you all heard it since it was kind of hard to spot. Here it is again, and in much more obvious form:

Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream

I love this song. Seeing as I love music and I love movies, I have a slight problem (?) in that when I listen to songs I like, I often picture how the music video should look, or in what movie scene I would put the song.
In this case, I walk out of my apartment (the song is playing at this point) and begin my walk to Palazzo Rucellai for classes, the sun is shining. I'm wearing, this is important, my Nike Vandals that are pictured, and beams of light begin to emanate (another good English word) from them. The rest of the song consists of me moonwalking and flashdancing slightly above the ground in an incandescently happy manner - I haven't decided if people should join me yet, that might be too cheesy.
The thing is, that mental image isn't too far from the truth. I'm extremely happy here, though it's just began to hit me that this experience is almost over - a month and a half and I'll be back in Charlottesville. Despite the feelings that were promised over the past 3 months - depression, confusion, desperate happiness at the revelation of the experience's impermanence - I just feel content. I know that I'll be sad to leave, but I'm also really looking forward to getting back and having new eyes for my beloved Charlottesville.
I just looked up incandescent and the definition is as follows: emitting light as a result of being heated.
Things that are responsible for my spontaneous and continuous outbursts of light: new friends, seeing family soon, having another place that feels like home, and of course, my delightfully overactive imagination.

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