New Material

I'm feeling rather psychedelic as you can perhaps tell by the new layout. I just thought it was time for a change. I'm getting tired of writing about the same old things even if they aren't things I've ever written about before - I'm always confronted by new experiences over here, but the variation lies in the experiences, not in the fact that I'm confronted by them.
The new title "Electronic Dreams," came on a whim. I've been listening to a lot of electronic music lately from the blog DISCODUST (linked on the right), and as I was listening to this song:

Get Famous! - Slip Away

it just sounded like Electronic Dreaming. I know I've lost most of you by now - I'm up here acid dancing, with winged Nike Dunks on, and the rest of you are quizzically staring up at me wondering what's happened to me.
What has happened to me? Part of it is the fact that I've been sick for about 2 weeks now, I'm on about 4 medications for various ailments, and I'm really tired. This sinus infection is making my tastebuds not work as well, everything is a bit dulled except my sense of hearing and, evidently, my imagination.
Also, I just need a change mentally. Since my brain has been pulled constantly back and forth from the US to Italy, I just feel more comfortable up here in my indecisive world of infinite space and possibility.

Expect more or less the same content - I haven't been writing mostly because I'm just bored with what I've been writing, and also because I've been incredibly sick. I'm excited about this makeover, excited about more varying subject matter, excited about music, seeing my family soon, being free from regret, free from sickness, and hopefully free from creative limitations.

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