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fashion is a big deal, especially here. Beth and I have remarked many-a-time on how back at UVa we'd go to class in sweatpants and a t-shrit 75% of the time, simply not caring how we looked to our TAs and groggy classmates. I saw a girl on the street today wearing athletic shorts, a t-shirt and flipflops and I was appalled - this just isn't acceptable.
Since being here I've really gotten into fashion, but is that completely superficial? Maybe. I want to be a fashion photographer (though not limited only to that sphere), I get excited about putting outfits together, I love flipping through Vogue, and (thanks to Colleen) I always check The Satorialist for ideas.
I admire the way clothes can transform someone. For example, if I trudged out of my apartment on a rainy morning in sweats and a t-shirt, I would feel tired, meek, and a little drab. If I, on the other end of the spectrum, strutted out in heels, jeans, my leopard print tank top and a vest, I'd feel rather empowered as evidenced by today.
Listening to the remix of "I Kissed A Girl" (I know, bad song choice), I catwalked around Florence. Squaring my shoulders and holding my head up, I played chicken with people on the sidewalks seeing if they'd move to let me pass - I won most of the time. I'm going somewhere fabulous in these shoes, can't you see that?
I can pretty much attribute this new affinity for fashion to: a) Italy's obsession with it but b) also it's laid-back nature in concern with labels. Sure, people walk around with Gucci and Chanel bags, I see Fendi and Roberto Cavalli every day on my way to school, but I don't feel any less fashionable because I don't have a huge label plastered on my chest. No one cares. The person is more important than the label they're wearing - that's how fashion should be. Spend 1000 euro on a dress if you have the money, but don't scream about who made it. Make it yours instead - define the clothes, don't let them define you.
The simple fact is, clothes turn heads. If you can rock an outfit enough that it merges into your personality, accentuates your mood, and doesn't overshadow you as an individual, you're going to have a good day. Feeling classic? Wear some black. Feeling alive? Radiate color as you walk down the street. The point is: do yourself a favor and make it obvious how awesome you are through one simple glance. Oh, and always listen to David Bowie.

Photos by The Satorialist


PHOTOG said...

Well said - and YES! Always listen to David Bowie!

Welcome to the Monkey House said...

Thanks for the shout out