Moment of Infinite Bliss

Sometimes things just fall into place perfectly. These moments cannot be planned, forced, or manufactured.
I was sitting in Caffe Amerini as usual, just finished some good pasta, Daniel's package of yogurt covered pretzels and dried pears in hand, and was already happy enough. I had already eaten one of the pretzels but the pears still remained unopened.
Smiling, I opened the bag and selected one carefully - the first one is always the most important. Biting into it, images of high school rushed back: Kate and I getting these dried pears in Yoder's before a soccer game, sitting in Ethan's Miada in the parking lot talking, skipping 5th block for an extra 25 minutes at home, navigating around Charlottesville in Daniel's massive pickup listening to Def Leppard...then as if I wasn't swimming in incandescent joy already, this song came on:

In that moment I felt as though bliss stretched on and on like an endless highway situated in the sublime regions of my imagination. These are the moments that make me grateful for being easy to please.

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