I'm just sayin...

All of my writing energies in this moment in time are being devoured by one of two things: writing my Art History paper or sleeping. I apologize.
This post is going to be a certifiable journey through randomness - a beautiful place where my shoes chill in the refrigerator and giraffes attend Mustachio Bashio parties. Rudabaga!

I've been making lists in one particular notebook of mine, and here are a few selections from these lists so far - feel free to judge me based completely on what's written below.
Things That Make Me Happy
Texas Pete Hot Sauce
- dancing
- nail polish (especially hot pink, dark purple, or navy blue)
- crushes
- sneakers
- eye contact
Words That I Like
sizzle, ravenous, fuzzy, decadent, smuggle, skulk, moxie, enigmatic, cantankerous, archaic, stupendous, gummy, presumptuous, facetious
Good Movies
Meet Joe Black, The Magnificent Seven, Sin City, Kill Bill (both), The Shadow, Back to the Future (the first one), High Fidelity, Aladdin, Stranger Than Fiction

Speaking of Aladdin...

seriously? It's worth mentioning that watching Disney songs in other languages is infinitely amusing.

Look, I'm just saying, this may be a completely pointless use of my time - posting lists and videos that only I find hilarious - but I'm doing it anyway. I'm frustrated, so here's a list of questions.
- Why do we need reasons for everything? How did this semester go by so fast? Why can't people just be honest? Why do things have to be complicated/difficult? Where does that sinking feeling in your stomach come from medically? I'd like to know; I'll put it on my list of Things to Google.

Now here's one more list.
Things I'm Honest With Myself About
- I'm terrible at taking criticism
- I don't want you to be indifferent, because I'm not
- I'm slightly scared about leaving Italy
- my imagination is eerily good at creating mental mirages

To end in randomness - a mirage is also, incidentally, a car.


CS said...

Things I'm honest with myself about:
I was slightly scared to see what would happen to us with you all the way in Italy for so long..... in the end, nothing except that I'm more excited to see you again then ever... so don't be scared, in it's own way isn't it a form of indecisiveness anyway? Just step in. :-)

CS said...

also.. i want to add to your title...

.... is all :-)

cmmcenearney said...

Favorite words:
-favourite (with the "u")