Random outbursts of song.

Lately my journal has been accumulating many entries centered around one common wish: why can't my life be a musical? I'm fully aware that this is not a particularly unique wish, but I find myself thinking about this a lot.
As I was on my way to and from London (I promise I'll cover that subject more in-depth later), I listened to my iPod continuously and of course wanted to live in such a way that breaking out into spontaneous dance sequences and music numbers would be seen as perfectly normal and acceptable.
Similarly, if my life were not a musical, and simply a movie, I often wonder what songs the soundtrack would feature. For example:
I want to be heartbroken to this song.

This would be my travel song: train, plane or automobile.

And, I can't leave this out, this would be my falling in love song, but only in my musical, and not the movie.

Tonight, on the way back to Florence I listened to that song, lip-synching and staring out of the window. If my life was a musical I might have opened my mouth and let my eager vocal chords be heard. Ideally, the other passengers would not have been phased and would have kept on reading their novels, sleepily leaning on those shoulders, unsuccessfully whispering. Meanwhile, I would have kept gazing out of the raindrop-covered window singing, "Just open up your heart and let this fool rush in, oh, open up your heart and let this fool rush in." My forehead would have crinkled strategically, conveying my naive and pleading heart.

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