I always pride myself on being decisive. When other people are shifting uncomfortably, staring into the dark abyss of not knowing which movie to watch, I'm the obnoxiously blinding light that will negate their confusion. We're going to watch "The Big Lebowski." Done.
Decisiveness comes in handy - I'm staying up late tonight, we're going to see this movie, let's go to this restaurant - but does that also translate to more serious decisions?
I've been thinking lately about how I can see my life going in so many different directions. I can go back to Charlottesville, graduate with an English major and try to write for a respectable publication in the US. I can see myself living in Europe, in Edinburgh for my Masters or in Italy working with Art; I can see myself going completely wild, learning Hindi and moving to India for a few years just for the experience. Is this indecisive? Should I go get a Tarot Card reading to put me on the right path once and for all?
Basically my view on decisiveness works like this: when time is wasted in limbo, I step in. Let's not waste 30 minutes deciding what to do tonight; we're going to Fiesole to watch the sun set and then after that we'll go back and cook some dinner. I don't want to spend time talking myself into and out of something, I just want to try it. If it was a bad call, then I'll know that sooner, be able to make a note of it, and move on.
This being said, I'll probably write a post next week about the virtues of not making rash choices and taking time to think things through.

Two songs by Pink Floyd that factor into everyone's decision-making:

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